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LA LAW - Season 3 out now on DVDThe third season of LA Law represents a continuation of the same keen blend of law-room drama, office politics, romance and comedy, with some seriously weighty issues to consider along the way. Created by Steven Bochco and produced by David E Kelley, TV titans by anyone’s standards, this season was the proud recipient of two Emmy awards in 1989, including ‘Best Drama’ and ‘Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series’ for Larry Drake.

To help with a burgeoning case load, legal firm McKenzie Brackman takes on another new associate this year: the no-nonsense Dorothy Wyler (Nancy Vawter – Admiral Blackwell in Star Trek: The Next Generation – “The Pegasus”). Otherwise it is business as usual for the loveable lawyers, as they tackle cases for all manner of unsavoury, oddball and earnest people whilst trying to keep their own lives on track and in perspective.

The show’s winning and ultra-addictive formula sees several on-going story strands run through the season, mixed in with fresh victim or defendant of the week tales. Ann and Stuart see their frequently rocky relationship put to the test once more when the topic of babies comes up; Abby takes a luke-warm performance review as a sign that she should strike out in a new direction, and Arnie cannot believe his luck when he strikes up a deal with David, Roxanne’s direct-marketing-obsessed husband, to produce a video guide to divorce, with unforeseen consequences.

Throw in mentally-impaired Benny’s crisis over whether he should vote or not, and you have a packed schedule.

Memorable and thought-provoking one-off cases include a security firm that is sued for not preventing a brutal home invasion, a plumber who goes haywire when his client objects to a job overrunning, a ventriloquist whose puppet assaults a police officer and a euthanasia case involving a patient in a vegetative state.

The series always tries to argue both sides of a case, and even though the stars of the show tend to win most of the time, things are rarely as cut-and-dried as they first appear, and people seldom come out quite as pure as they went in. This year, the series makes a point of highlighting how lawyers can be coerced into compromising their strict values when extenuating circumstances require it. For example, the only way to convict a cop killer is by suppressing key facts. Is that justice?

I make no bones about my love of LA Law. It is comfortingly predictable and the characters are simply adorable, but there are also plenty of tense, moving and morally provocative storylines to prevent it becoming too safe. Season 3 is simply superb!

As with previous seasons, this box set sadly contains no special features. The picture quality is occasionally a bit soft and dark, but it is nothing a bit of tweaking of the TV settings cannot remedy.

LA Law - Season 3 (1988-89) is out now on DVD, courtesy of Revelation Films. The entire five-disc, 19 episode season has a running time of 15 hours approx, carries a ‘15’ certificate and retails for £34.99, or less from

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