Nash Bridges: Season 1 DVD

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Nash Bridges - Season One out now on DVDCharisma, guile, audacity and plenty of recklessness; Inspector Nash Bridges (Don Johnson – Miami Vice, “Machete”) has each of these in spades, and they get him out of a lot of tricky situations. Bridges works for San Francisco’s Special Investigations Unit, solving some of the most dangerous cases nobody else wants to touch. Drug dealers, mobsters, bank robbers and other undesirables think they can control the city, but they have simply not factored Bridges and his team into their plans.

As successful as he is in his work, Bridges’ home life is a train-wreck. Both of his marriages ended in divorce, firstly to Lisa (Annette O’Toole – Smallville, “It”) with whom he has a teenage daughter called Cassidy (Jodi Lyn O’Keefe – Prison Break), and then to Kelly (Serena Scott Thomas – “The World is Not Enough”), a rich woman who still finds herself in Nash’s bed occasionally! Add in a father suffering from dementia, and our hero’s life is never easy.

Bridges is aided by ex-partner turned private investigator Joe Dominquez (the indomitable Cheech Marin – “Cars”, “Desperado”, “From Dusk Till Dawn”), a man with marital problems of his own to work out. The rest of the team includes Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa (“Mortal Kombat”) as Lieutenant Shimamura, and fellow Inspectors Harvey (Jeff Perry – “Wild Things”) and Evan (Jaime Gomez – “Crimson Tide”).

Two key attributes that makes Nash Bridges a success (it ran for six seasons and an impressive 124 episodes) are the fantastic chemistry between the characters, and a general sense of fun and mischief that means that no matter how bad things get, the gang will always come out on top. The everyday banter between the cops is cheeky, but the fireworks really fly when Nash interacts with his ex-wives, especially Lisa. The bond between Nash and Joe is heart-warming and so tangible that you instantly feel like you have known them all your life.

Action is essential to a police series, and this one never fails to deliver. The San Francisco setting is ideal for car chases down the city’s iconic hills, and Nash drives a flash mustard/gold, open-top Plymouth Barracuda made in 1970. The throaty roar of this all-American muscle car is awesome. There are also plenty of shoot-outs, in one case including a Javelin tank-busting bazooka! Mayhem awaits Nash wherever he goes, and on at least one occasion it comes knocking at his fancy apartment.

The series depicts the city as a place where people of all persuasions, races and creeds intermingle freely. Sometimes they are on the wrong end of the law, but often they are the victims, as in episode 5 where a subplot features someone beating up trans-sexual prostitutes. Bridges and co will sometimes have a laugh at their own and others’ expense, but ultimately they are focused on protecting the innocent and bringing down criminals; prejudice has no place in their jobs.

Nash Bridges gets my wholehearted seal of approval. It is hugely entertaining, breezy and action-packed. Occasionally a deadly serious issue is thrown in to mix things up a little, and that helps to make the mixture even more rewarding. Nash, Joe and all the other characters are worthy of your attention.

Special features include:

  • Audio Commentaries on two episodes
  • Nash Bridges Writers’ Roundtable - Season One
  • Don Johnson and the Original Gonzo Idea
  • On-set Interview with Don Johnson and Cheech Marin
  • Season 1 Promo
  • Stills Gallery


Nash Bridges – The First Season (1996) is out now on DVD, courtesy of Fabulous Films. The three-disc set has a running time of 405 minutes approx, carries a ‘15’ certificate and retails for £29.99, or less from

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