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LA LAW - Season Four on DVDSeason 4 of this Los Angeles-based legal drama sees the tone take a slightly more serious and personal tone, though the traditional mix of major and mad-cap trials remains. Tensions threaten to boil over within ‘McKenzie Brackman’ as the firm experiences a troubling dip in revenue and the staff try to turn things around. Diana Muldaur (Dr Pulaski in Star Trek: The Next Generation Seasons 2-3) is hired as a ‘rain maker’, with very challenging consequences.

Guest stars include Kathy Bates (“Misery”, “Titanic”), Carl Lumbly (Cagney & Lacey, Alias), David Rappaport (“Time Bandits”; sadly this was to be his third and final appearance on the show) and Amanda Plummer (“Pulp Fiction”). The hit series continued to garner major awards, including Emmys for ‘Outstanding Drama Series’, ‘Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series’ (Jimmy Smits), and the BMI TV Music Award for the ever-dependable Mike Post.

Major cases extend over several episodes this season to fully explore the issues and drama they entail. In a prime example, Lumbly plays Earl Williams, a man accused of the brutal murder of his girlfriend. Mike Kuzak (Harry Hamlin) is hired to defend him, but despite the presence of a witness who says it was not Williams, the case is balanced on a knife-edge, and the death penalty looms should Mike fail to persuade the jury.

More meaty drama is invoked thanks to cases dealing with such terrible issues as rape, child abuse and a terminal cancer patient who wishes to be cryogenically frozen. Within the law firm, Benny’s relationship with a big client’s mentally disabled daughter (great work from Plummer) throws up the thorny issue of involuntary sterilisation, much to the outrage of his friends and colleagues. In another example, a heavily-pregnant Anne’s emotions are really stirred up in a medical malpractice case concerning the death of a new-born.

On the lighter and more humorous side, cases include a fussy woman suing a dating agency, neighbourhood disruption caused by a bar introducing dwarf tossing, and dozens of boisterous children being roped in to help challenge a breakfast cereal company that reneges on their competition prizes.

LA Law is remarkably dependable, quality entertainment. It makes you laugh, cry and experience a wide range of emotions whilst forcing you to consider your stance on a whole range of taxing issues. It is also a highly addictive soap opera featuring excellent, well-rounded characters and capable acting. Season 4 is the best yet!

As with previous seasons, this box set sadly contains no special features. The picture quality is occasionally a bit soft and dark, but it is nothing a bit of tweaking of your TV settings cannot remedy.

LA Law - Season 4 (1989-90) is released on DVD on 11 February 2013, courtesy of Revelation Films. The entire six-disc, 22 episode season has a running time of 18 hours approx., carries a ‘15’ certificate and retails for £34.99, or less from

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