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Monday, 04 August 2008

After premiering on UK screens earlier this year on Virgin 1, the hit spin-off series from the “Terminator” franchise, The Sarah Connor Chronicles has just been released on DVD, courtesy of Warner Home Video.  Starring British actress Lena Headey (as seen in “300” and the recent restaging of “St Trinians”) as the title character, the abridged season one packs an action-packed punch which will keep you on the edge of your seat with visual effects that wring the most they can out of a small-screen budget, and an engaging and in many ways unexpected storyline.  The series had such a short run due to the American writers strike, but the good news is Season Two is not far off its Stateside premiere.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles was Virgin 1’s highest rated show ever when it aired earlier this year, averaging 750,000 viewers, eight times the usual rating for its timeslot on the channel.

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Running for 274 episodes, The Beverly Hillbillies was clocked as the top-rated show of its premiere season in 1962-1963, and remained in the top ten throughout its nine year run. Thanks to Delta Leisure, when you nominated in this year’s Cult TV Awards, five lucky voters got a DVD set of the first 55 episodes, in order, on a brand new seven disc bonanza with a RRP of £29.99

So, what was the show all about? As reprised each episode in the opening song, Jed Clampett (Buddy Ebsen), a poor mountaineer, took and missed a shot while hunting, which led to the discovery of a huge oil pool, black gold, in the swamp he owned in Tennessee.

Sunday, 27 July 2008

The Twilight Zone, the groundbreaking creation of screenwriter Rod Serling, gained instant legendary status in the 1950s and its popularity and influence endure worldwide. In 1994, Serling’s widow Carol discovered an unfilmed screenplay, entitled Where The Dead Are; along with another short story entitled The Theater, the ‘lost’ work was subsequently adapted for television by Richard Matheson.

Also out from Network DVD this month is a release of the cute and comedic movie UFO Cafe, which unites Richard Mulligan and Beau Brudges in a tale of aliens who are more human than most of those homo sapiens who reside on Planet Earth.

Sunday, 13 July 2008

First experienced by fans in the hugely successful ITC series Department S, in this follow-on series, Jason King follows Peter Wyngarde’s character from the previous show in high-spirited and outlandish adventures that for decades have had to stand in the shadows of the series that spawned it.

After a couple of episodes came to DVD a few years ago in the UK, now at last the entire series has been released in the UK by Network, and more viewers than ever will finally see what the real main inspiration for the Mike Myers AUSTIN POWERS character actually was!

Wednesday, 09 July 2008

Sci-fi phenomenon the X-Files is back to captivate and enthral fans old and new – with a new movie heading to multiplexes, here is the release of X-Files Essentials on DVD. This two disc set offers an insider’s pass to the award-winning show just in time for its second trip to the big screen. Hand-picked by X-Files creator Chris Carter, the eight episodes are accompanied by special introductions from Carter and producer Frank Spotnitz, revealing why they were chosen and how they relate to the eagerly-anticipated feature film.


Offering an introductory insight into the paranormal exploits of FBI agents Mulder and Scully, in many respects it also acts as a nostalgic reminder of times past for once dedicated fans. Covering a variety of unexplained cases that centre on alien abductions, psychic phenomenon and inhuman life forms, the episodes set the stage for 1st August, when the new film is out in the UK.

Monday, 30 June 2008

Pushing Daisies became something of a ‘breakthrough’ series in the UK, becoming one of the first American fictional shows for many years to get a primetime slot on ITV1. In decades past, imports were far more part of the regular diet of Britain’s major commercial channel. However, against what was perceived as a backlash against shows from across the pond, American series have mainly been consigned to late nights and afternoons.

This Golden Globe nominated drama punched through that, received rave reviews on both sides of the Atlantic, and with the new DVD release of the first season of nine episodes, you yourself can re-evaluate whether the series deserved to be considered such a leader of a revolution.

Monday, 23 June 2008

“The Beast with a Billion Backs”, the second direct-to-DVD feature-length episode is now available, and for fans it has certainly been worth the wait!

For those of you who thought the show had been cancelled with no future, the excellent DVD sales of the original series saw a deal to create four full-length movies, which will be split up into quarters for syndication on American cable networks. The smart piece of marketing is that these four films make their debut on DVD first!

Friday, 13 June 2008

The first of our DVD releases from the Cult TV Festival Weekender is now Available - and this one is the Awards Ceremony from the Saturday night, released as near-live as we can manage from what we have available! Get it now at our eBay shop at ...

This single DVD disc release will be followed a little later in the Summer by a two disc bonanza from last year's Festival, featuring extracts from the majority of the onstage interviews with our celebrities over the weekend, plus loads more highlights from in and around the event.

Sunday, 01 June 2008

Network has released the atmospheric, haunting 1983 mini-series of JAMAICA INN containing a version which is the complete and uncut series first broadcast.

A lighthouse keeper is taken by surprised and murdered. With the guiding light now purposely doused, there really isn’t much chance for an unsuspecting ship against a group of criminals, hell-bent on plundering the goods off the ship with little or no regards to the safety of the ship’s inhabitants.

And how can you resist a production that has the audacity to bring together the acting talents of Jane Seymour, Trevor Eve, and the monumental Patrick McGoohan?

Saturday, 31 May 2008

Network has just released THE VERY BEST OF FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE. This two disc set contains the highlights of this successful show, released for the first time in any format.

And this is your chance to win one of two copies we have up for grabs in our Comedy Competition.

Moving nights from the Saturday placement where it started, some 20 years on we see many of today’s comedy juggernauts in their formative years within this release. Indeed, Network has previously released two two-disc compilations from SATURDAY LIVE, so this is very much a sequel to those releases.

Friday, 23 May 2008

They're back!  It seems that no sooner has season one hit the shelves of DVD stores, than Season Two comes charging over the hill, giving us more adventures from the young school leavers of Fenn Street.

As the series begins, it’s been a year since the students left the relatively shielded and easy surroundings of form 5C, as seen in seasons one to three of PLEASE, SIR! - they left Fenn Street School expecting that they could rule the world, but it hasn’t turned out that way. They are gradually finding out that the world does not always want to know, and that things are always more complicated and tricky than how they initially seem.

Sunday, 27 April 2008

ENEMY AT THE DOOR series 1 and 2 released on DVD by Network

Wartime dramas ENEMY AT THE DOOR has landed on DVD as two sets of four discs. Each of these 13-episode releases weighs in at a RRP of £29.99, and the episodes are complete and uncut.

The Channel Islands, the only piece of British soil to be occupied by the Nazis during World War II, are the setting for the story - a gripping, and sometimes harrowing, account of the Islanders living under German rule. Starring Alfred Burke as Major Richter, viewers had previously seen Alfred as Frank Marker in Public Eye – so this was very much a change of pace.

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Classic book adapation is a hoot on DVD…

Network has released THE OWL SERVICE – THE COMPLETE SERIES, the definitive adaptation of Alan Garner’s award-winning novel, available on DVD for the first time. All eight episodes appear complete and uncut in this two-disc set. This was the first full-scripted programme made in colour by Granada Television.

Shot almost entirely on location in the Welsh valleys in the summer of 1969, with the episodes transferred from the original film elements in this release, THE OWL SERVICE perfectly combines history, myth, mystery and adventure surrounding a tense set of human relationships.

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Department S – DVD Special Edition

Network has at last let loose its DVD release of cult favourite DEPARTMENT S. This eight-disc set sees all 28 episodes of the series available for the first time in one set in the UK.

Peter Wyngarde stars as flamboyant crime writer Jason King in this popular espionage series with an extravagant mindset. King is a crime novelist and freelance operative for Department S, an elite branch of Interpol which specialises in solving the seemingly unsolvable. Along with fellow detectives, straight laced action man Stewart Sullivan (Joel Fabiani) and glamorous computer expert Annabelle Hurst (Rosemary Nicols), King attempts to unravel bizarre and inexplicable mysteries which have left other police baffled.

Sunday, 20 April 2008


Transforming cars. Orphans who fight crime. Colourful action capers for the Saturday morning crowd. This is the stuff of youthful nostalgia, of mornings in your pyjamas eating sugar-stuffed cereal while the fantasy fights of Dungeons & Dragons gave way to the more grown-up but equally fantastical crime-fighting stunts of the Pole Position team. For those who grew up on BBC1’s Saturday morning kids strand Going Live!, this is where the action was!

Saturday, 05 April 2008
Fry, Leela, Professor Farnsworth And Bender Triumphantly Return On DVD in the UK


The future is back! Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment presents the first of four direct-to-DVD Futurama adventures when Futurama: Bender’s Big Score makes it to UK shores.

With three more adventures expected in the next 18 months (the next movie in the series, “The Beast with a Billion Backs”, is released in the UK on 30 June 2008), this first feature-length epic finds the Futurama crew fighting to save Earth, in an epic battle against nudist alien Internet scammers.

Sunday, 30 March 2008

With the Roman withdrawal from Britain, the tribes have entered into a period of feudal warfare. Arthur is the war chieftain of a tribe of Celts who has his eye on the bigger picture - unification of the tribes in the face of the Saxon threat. Assisted by his adoptive father, Llud, and Saxon friend, Kai, he has his hands full keeping the peace with opposition from the various feuding factions as well as his duplicitous cousin, Mark of Cornwall. This is the set-up for Arthur of the Britons, the complete series of half hour episodes which have just been released by Network DVD.

Sunday, 30 March 2008

Set during the Napoleonic wars of the early 1800s, Oliver Tobias (Arthur of the Britons) stars as Jack Vincent, a swashbuckling ex-British naval captain turned smuggler. A strong-willed, independent man who lives by both his wits and the sword, Vincent is ably assisted by Sarah (Lesley Dunlop – who played Anna Kirkwall in Where the Heart Is) and petty thief Honesty Evans (Hywel Williams Ellis) in his struggle to stay one step ahead of the Excise Men in this new release from Network DVD.

Sunday, 30 March 2008

Pre-dating television favourites Casualty and Holby City by decades, Emergency - Ward 10 was Britain's first medical soap opera. Initially thought of (much like Coronation Street) as a filler programme, the twice-weekly serial rapidly became a favourite with the nation's viewing public. Between 1957 and 1967 it regularly pulled in audiences in excess of 15 million and spawned two spin-off programmes and a feature-film adaptation. And now, Network DVD takes us back to that era with the release of a couple of dozen selected episodes on DVD.

Friday, 14 March 2008


Alfred Burke stars as down-at-heel Inquiry Agent Frank Marker in this critically acclaimed, long-running drama series. Always working the lower end of the spectrum - divorces, missing persons, bankruptcies - the public found a great affinity with Marker and the series was a huge success over its ten-year life span. This set contains all 13 episodes from the 1972/3 series - complete and uncut.

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Eddie Izzard Stateside comedy drama now available in a season one collection ...


Meet the Riches, high-class, upstanding members of the community, however, all is not as it seems. Now meet the Malloys, gypsy travelling con artists who strangely look and sound just like the Riches …

And that, in a nutshell is the jumping-off point for the season one DVD release of The Riches from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. Season one became a flagship show for new digital channel Virgin 1, starring the enigmatic British double act of Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver, and for those of you who missed it, this DVD release is the perfect way to catch up.

After they are involved in a car accident that kills a very wealthy couple, Wayne and Dahlia Malloy (Izzard and Driver) and their children Di Di (Shannon Marie Woodward), Sam (Aidan Mitchell) and Cael (Noel Fisher) grasp the opportunity to assume the identity of the well-to-do ‘normal’ family.

Seduced by the idea of a better life for themselves, and armed with the keys to a new house in a wealthy neighbourhood, they soon find that suburban life is more twisted and challenging than any of their previous stings.

As the dark American comedy drama begins, Dahlia has just been paroled from prison. During her two-year sentence, she has developed various drug addictions and in her absence, Wayne and the children have continued to act as con artists across the US. After a brief reunion with their traveller clan, the family flees, stealing a large amount of money from the clan's hoard of cash as they do their best to blend in with their new surroundings.

With series 2 of The Riches due to air on Virgin 1 this autumn, this DVD box set is a great way to become familiar with a show that really needs more mainstream exposure.

The Riches premiered on the Stateside version of the FX channel on 12 March 2007 - the first season of 13 episodes was a ratings success with 3.8 million viewers watching the pilot, which, in the history of the American FX channel, was only second to the premiere of The Shield.

The comedy and fun in the show comes from square pegs trying to fit into round holes. Wayne schmoozes his way into a job in a law firm, acting as point man to an obnoxious real estate developer. Dahlia persuades a local private school to take on her children after the admission deadline. The children use their skills to make the best of the world around them that is obsessed with style over substance. As with any set of lies built on little foundation, circumstances start to catch up with the family – especially as relatives and those who knew them in their former lives get ever-closer to them.

Special Features on the DVD set include audio commentaries with Eddie Izzard and Creator Dmitry Lipkin – these are on the pilot episode and “Waiting for Dogot”, the season finale. We also have “Fox Movie Channel presents Casting Session and World Premiere” on disc one – very much ‘exactly what it says on the tin’, as well as a “Gag Reel” – Dennis Norden would be proud! To cap off the extras, on disc four we find the ‘Webisodes’ - little vignettes that originally appeared online to gain the show some profile.

The four-disc set has a “15” certificate (mainly for swearing and some brief nudity), a running time of approx 591 minutes, and a retail price of £34.99 – but you can get it for less at


Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Network has just released the first ever DVD featuring early 1980s icon Metal Mickey. A Saturday teatime favourite during its run from 1980 – 1983, 39 episodes were made – and here we have, to savour, the first season of eight episodes.

Thursday, 14 February 2008

When a fairly new label releases DVD product, the sea of other releases from their more well-known counterparts can often drown out their efforts. This has certainly been the case for Alternative 3 from Soda Pictures.

Released last October, this is a mock-documentary of considerable legend in some circles. However, amongst the general UK audience it has almost been forgotten, despite it having a considerable impact on its viewers with its original (and only UK) screening on ITV, 20 June 1977.

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