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Revenge - available now on Video on DemandRichard and Jen travel by helicopter to a remote but lavish villa in the desert, only to have their passionate break interrupted by a couple of men heavily armed with hunting gear. Richard (Kevin Janssens – Vermist) reveals he knows the men and was planning to go hunting after Jen (Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz – “Rings”) had returned home. After a drunken night round the pool, one of the visitors assaults Jen and events spiral ever more horribly out of control.

“Revenge” is one of those films that is quite hard to review without revealing spoilers, but then the title and the publicity shots have that tied up nicely. Essentially, the men try to kill Jen and seriously regret not finishing the job! Jen becomes some kind of super woman, part Lara Croft, part The Bride from the “Kill Bill” movies. What ensues is a very violent, bloody and entertaining game of cat and mouse where the roles switch several times. The phrase ‘guilty pleasure’ is certainly applicable.

The small cast do a good job in a film very light on dialogue, often conveying emotions and opinions by gestures instead of talking. Given that the dialogue is a slightly odd mix of English and French, this is probably just as well.

Lutz is strong as Jen but Janssens and Vincent Colombe (“Point Blank”) stand out, the former coming across as a real ice man, cold-blooded and cool-headed, whilst the latter is far more expressive in his bouts of fury and manic desire to track down and execute Jen.

Much of the acting involves either grimacing, screaming or staggering about through grievous bodily harm (just wait for the stomach-churning moment when one character fumbles around inside his foot trying to dig out a large shard of glass), and that at least is effective because I was regularly squirming in my seat. The gory effects also assist no end.

There is some nice contrast in the action, with two thirds of it taking place out in the rocky desert, and one third in and around the villa. One key scene echoes the ending of “The Shining” where the sense of claustrophobia is amplified.

As with many movies in this thriller-horror genre, characters sometimes act a little irrationally, or appear to overcome life-threatening injuries that do rely on a considerable dose of belief-suspension. The film also lets its foot off the gas pedal a few too many times, but when the tension ramps up it really hits some highs.

Director Coralie Fargeat (“Reality+”) also wrote the screenplay and should be a name to look out for in the future based on this punchy release.

"Revenge" (2017) is out now on VOD, courtesy of Vertigo Releasing. The main feature has a running time of 108 minutes approx. and carries an '18' certificate.

Incidentally, the film will also be available on DVD and Blu-ray from 1 October 2018.

CLICK HERE for information on the DVD release.

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