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Friday, 01 March 2019 14:27

“Boar” is a gory creature feature from 'Down Under'. As the name suggests, a giant (and I mean GIANT) boar is terrorising a rural farming community, knocking down fences and massacring sheep. Before long the tusky beastie starts slaughtering the locals and nobody seems able to stem the bloody tide, possibly not even Bernie the local man-mountain (Nathan Jones – “Mad Max: Fury Road”).

Into this deadly scenario comes Bernie’s sister-in-law Debbie (Simone Buchanan – Neighbours) and her family, including hubby Bob (Bill Moseley – “The Devil’s Rejects”), son Bart (Griffin Walsh), daughter Ella (Christie-Lee Britten – Mako Mermaids) and her cocky boyfriend Robert (Hugh Sheridan – Packed to the Rafters). The family’s plans for an idyllic holiday in the country turn into a porcine nightmare.

This is a film that lays its limited hand of cards on the table very early on. The first few glimpses of the mega-pig are fleeting but after that the monstrosity takes centre stage, crafted from a reasonably successful blend of quality animatronics and less convincing CGI.

Most of the atmosphere is built up through nerve-shredding, surround-sound aural effects, including a wide variety of grunts, squeals and roars, combined with sounds of crashing vegetation and weighty stomping. It is possible that you will have an even better time ‘watching’ this film with your eyes closed and imagination kicking in.

The acting is pretty cheesy on the whole, but as I’ve found with other Australian movies the atmosphere is more bubbly, cheeky and direct than in many British or American genre features. Most of the characters are likeable, even those who are dragged gurgling off screen in the opening 15 minutes.

Horror fans might like to note that as well as the aforementioned Mr Moseley, the film also features John Jarratt (“Wolf Creek”), and aficionados of the original “Mad Max” should recognise Steve Bisley and Roger Ward.

With a pared-down plot and little variety in action, the appeal of this release will depend on how sophisticated you like your horror. If you want something to accompany a crate of beer then “Boar” fits the bill quite well, but if you want something more brooding and unpredictable then I would look elsewhere. Director Chris Sun (“Charlie’s Farm”) evidently has ambition and hopefully his next film will match that.

"Boar" (2017) is out now on DVD and VOD, courtesy of Signature Entertainment. The main feature has a running time of 92 minutes approx, carries an '18' certificate and is available to rent or buy from £3.49, or less from


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