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Sammie Winmill

One of the original stars of The Tomorrow People joins us at Cult TV 2005, courtesy of Fantom Films ...


Sammie Winmill became famous in Cult TV circles for her role as Carol in the first season of the original version of The Tomorrow People.

During the 1970s other credits included appearances along side Frankie Howard in Up Pompeii and Up the Chastity Belt, as well as The Professionals, The New Avengers, The Duchess of Duke Street, The Professionals and of course Nurse Sandra Crumpton alongside Robin Nedwell and Geoffrey Davies in Doctor in Charge.

Her theatre credits include the "Stand and Deliver" (The Musical), "The Clandestine Marriage" with Alistair Simm, and she took the lead in the Redgrave Theatre’s opening production of "Romeo and Juliet".

Sammie made her return to acting in the late 1990s with appearances in BBV’s Only Human and MJTV's Ghostlands and Soldiers of Love. More recently she took part in The Tomorrow People documentary "Beyond Tomorrow", and made a guest appearance in chapter two of the fantasy thriller trilogy Explode.

Sammie was brought to the Cult TV Festival 2005 by Fantom Films, and performed a ten-minute extract from her one-woman show during the Cult TV Festival's Saturday night entertainment.


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