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Peafur Productions

Alan Gilbey and David Freedman are writers and cartoonists, with shows like Aaagh! It's The Mr Hell Show! and Bounty Hamster amongst their credits ...


Formed in 1995 from the partnership of Alan Gilbey and David Freedman, Peafur Productions have co-created, produced and supervised a number of animated series of their own as well as developing shows in conjunction with other companies.

Writers as well as cartoonists, they have developed and written series for The Disney Channel, Jim Henson Productions, Nelvana, Universal Pictures and Fox Television.

Successfully steering shows from bible, through sample scripts, to full series commission, projects they have scripted have won BAFTAs, Royal Television Society awards and a British Animation Award.

After acting as script consultants on the first series of Bob and Margaret, based on the 1994 Oscar-winning short, Bob and Margaret, made by Alison Snowden and David Fine, they wrote the screenplay for Hibbert Ralph Entertainment’s The First Snow of Winter, collaborated on the 13-episode Rex the Runt with the show’s creator for Bristol’s Aardman Animation, and Cosgrove Hall Film’s Foxbusters for Cosgrove Hall Films. Their recent projects include BBC2's Aaagh! It's The Mr Hell Show! which won Canada’s Leo Award for Best Animated Series and was was nominated for Best Direction at the International Animated Film Society’s Annie Awards, and CITV’s Bounty Hamster, produced in collaboration with Silver Fox Films.

To find out more about Alan Gilbey and David Freedman, visit their website www.Peafur.com and the Bounty Hamster fansite at www.geocities.com/ bountyhamster1


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